Why choose WealthCharts?

Because you can now trade with the same private & proven indicators used by the top traders to grow their portfolios!

Here are just a couple of the Bonus Indicators included for all WealthCharts members.

Dr. Barry Burns
TDT Cycle Indicator

Great indicator for identifying overbought and oversold conditions in the market and also identifying positive and negative divergences before the market is about to turn.

Mark Helweg
TOP Extreme Index

This powerful reversal detection tool is designed to analyze and identify potential reversal points where prices become overdone to the upside or downside. It is also highly effective in detecting where dominant price cycles begin, which creates a powerful price forecasting tool.

Brian Shannon
Anchored VWAP & AVWAP Ribbon

With this private indicator from CMT, author, and technical analyst, Brian Shannon, you'll immediately see undervalued and overvalued instruments before anyone else so you avoid paying too much and lock in your trades at a much better price.


See trades faster, clearer than other traders as you're guided by the same custom "trading triggers" pioneered and used by Wall Street's top traders

You won't find the majority of these "insider trading tools" available to average traders anywhere else. Many are the secret weapons behind some of the most popular traders today. Now they can be yours.

"I've always wanted to know what the fund managers and champion traders in the world look at to know when to get in trades and when to get out before the reversal. Now I do! And it's amazing!"

WealthCharts not only makes it brain-dead simple for you to be a better trader, it gives you an extreme advantage over average traders by guiding you to execute trades based on the same tested and proven methods being used today by the world's most respected traders.

WealthCharts Premium Indicators

Some of the Premium Indicators Included With All WealthCharts Founder Level Memberships

Rob Hoffman
IRB/Reverse IRB Indicator

Take advantage of one of the tools Champion Trader Rob Hoffman has used to win 30 International Real Money Trading Championships. Easily identify better entries and exits in trending markets to increase your opportunities to get ahead of the crowd and be the first to take advantage of market changes.

Hubert Senters
Ichimoku ADX Scanner

Renowned Trader Hubert Senters's indicator massively reduces the amount of time spent identifying trends by instantly showing you if the market is in a downtrend, uptrend, or moving sideways; allowing WealthCharts members to move faster and take full advantage of trends while other traders are still analyzing.

Jeff Tompkins
Crossbow Indicator

This single indicator is one of Fund Manager Jeff Tompkins's top two favorite tools in his own trading arsenal. WealthCharts members can use it in their own account so you never sacrifice opportunity and get into more trades faster.

Jake Bernstein
8 O/C Indicators

This powerful combination of indicators allows users to not only identify trend changes, but also key long and short entry opportunities as well!

Johnny Seville
Acorn Money Flow Indicator

This tool takes Johnny’s years of experience with the markets and uses it to help you identify key buy and sell opportunities based on his blend of price and volume analysis.

Founder Member Status

What is WealthCharts Founder Member Status?

Founder Members will be among an exclusive group of elite traders and investors, the best of the best, that will help steer WealthCharts growth and development - available for the next week.

Founder Members will have the unique opportunity to drive the new tools, features, and indicators that will be added to the platform, receive access to all of the Premium indicators* from trading veterans, and have a unique badge for their trading profile that no other members will be offered.

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Founder Member Exclusive

WealthFinder — An instantly accessible resource to find higher probability trades, faster

For our Founder Members, WealthFinder is an incredible tool to accelerate the research process. It uses a blend of proprietary algorithms and AI with the goal to RAPIDLY find POTENTIAL trading setups and ideas that you can then apply your own favorite technical analysis to and determine if a trade is there for you. WealthFinder makes it fast and easy to find opportunities, so you don't have to spend all of your VALUABLE time sifting through junk.

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The same toolbox as the experts...

...all in the palm of your hand.

WealthCharts is built to work on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones without sacrificing features. You can even create "phone-only" workspaces with WealthCharts indicators to display the exact information you want access to on-the-go!


Connect your account from one of our brokerage partners and trade right from your phone. Powerful, cloud-based charts and analysis means you don't need to compromise your trade timing. Follow the finest traders, use their tools, and take advantage of a market turn when it happens, not when you can get back in front of your computer.

Create and receive cloud-based alerts directly to your phone via SMS and also email, so even if you don't have your charts up you can be confident you won't miss an opportunity. It's never been this easy to stay up to the minute on what matters to you.


Trade Smarter

With WealthCharts

Trade Anywhere
Advanced, Browser-based HTML5 Charts

Trade along with the pro's from anywhere, with any internet connected device. Using their tools, catch the latest price breaks/fluctuations/changes or adjust your strategy on the road, so you never miss a tick.

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Trade Accurately
Powerful Algorithms and Real-Time Alerts

Utilize professional tools that have been proven in real-world environments to streamline your research and help you identify opportunities faster and more accurately. No more "paralysis by analysis", trade with confidence using the same setups as fund managers.

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Trade Actively
Tight-knit Community and Expert Insight

Nowhere else will you find ideas from trading champions and experts, demonstrating their trades with some of the same tools Founder Members have access to, letting you get in earlier and stay ahead of the crowds.

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More than just a trading platform

WealthCharts brings institutional tools to the retail trader

Easy To Use Customization

WealthCharts was built from the ground up to enable you to make smarter trades, faster. In order to facilitate this, WealthCharts users aren't confined to a single chart or layout, nearly every aspect of the platform can be tailored to fit your particular trading style. Do you like to have your charts, watchlist, and news all on one page? No problem. Do you prefer to view the same instrument across multiple periods? Easy. There are virtually no limits to the adjustments available, so your workspace can truly be your own.

Powerful Tools Built In

Fast, responsive charts lay at the heart of this platform, combining all the features you would expect with some things you've never seen before. In addition to customizable timeframes, you'll find all of your favorite charts (Line, Candle, Area, OHLC Bars, Heikin Ashi, Kagi, Renko, and Market Profile) and drawing tools; with more chart types and drawing tools being added weekly based on Founder Member feedback!

Spend More Time Trading

The more time spent sifting through piles of data, the less time available to trade. WealthChart's WealthScreener features over 300 filters, designed to save time so you can spend more of it trading. Once you've identified the symbols you're interested in, let WealthCharts run the analysis with built-in tools to find the trades that look the best, add them to your watchlist, and keep an eye on the latest moves easily.

Indicator Library

WealthCharts features a huge library of indicators; 97 standard indicators and 45 premium indicators are available to all WealthCharts members, with more being added every week. In order to bring members the most effective and proven tools available, WealthCharts has partnered with top traders you've probably seen on CNBC, NASDAQ, or TastyTrade to offer their indicators, strategies, and knowledge directly on the platform.


WealthCharts Video Library

More than 100 hours of trading education, all in one place

Wealth365 Summit
WealthCharts Is The Only Place To Find Recordings Of The Presentations

The Wealth365 Summits are the largest 100% Online Wealth Summits in the world, with the greatest trading, investing, and wealth building minds sharing their top strategies with attendees, LIVE. These presentations have been collected in the WealthCharts Video Library so you can check out videos from speakers like Tom Sosnoff, Ralph Acampora, Dan Gramza, and many other popular traders!

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Top Tier Training
Education For All Experience Levels

When you are ready to make serious strides forward as a trader, WealthCharts training courses are the way to go. Rob Hoffman’s Trade Like A Pro video series alone contains 35 videos sharing the numerous tips, tricks, and key strategies that define Rob’s powerful methodologies that have been instrumental in his 30 international trading competition wins. In addition to this impressive course work, you’ll be able to find additional training videos from Rob and other experienced traders such as Hubert Senters, Tony Zhang, Steven Brooks, and Jerremy Newsome.

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Indicator Tutorials
Incredible Tools With In-Depth Explanations

WealthCharts has partnered with top traders to offer not only their indicators, but also explanations for their usage. We have collected and curated the best material from some of the most prominent traders in the world, and built it directly into our platform. Follow along directly on the platform as Brian Shannon or Dr. Barry Burns explains their indicator and how to use it in your own trading.

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WealthCharts Founder Member status is available for all that become members this week, so take advantage of this exclusive offer now, before it's too late.

Founder Members will:

  • Trade with all of the best trader's indicators
  • Access all (current and future**) Premium Indicators from some of the best traders, investors, and fund managers in the world
  • Drive new feature additions to the platform
  • Own the exclusive badge and Founder status to display to the entire community on their profile
  • Swap insights with the entire trading community
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